• Celebrating our 65-year anniversary in 2016, we are working to produce and sell products for the furniture and finishings sectors in the civil construction industry through the Wood and Deca divisions. Our work in the forestry segment is recognized for our good management practices.

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    Executive Summary

    Financial Statements

    Annual Report

Business Model

In 2016, the way we communicate our model to all of our stakeholders evolved. We developed infographs with simple depictions of our processes and good social and environmental practices within each of our segments of action (Sanitary Ware, Metals, Panels and Forestry), showing how we create value through our products and services in the six capitals, as proposed by the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council). At our units, business models are displayed in locations with large movement of people, contributing to the engagement of our employees and to give visibility to our visitors.

Our Mission

To meet our customer’s requirements with excellence, by developing and offering products and services that contribute to the improvement of people’s quality of life, while generating wealth in a sustainable manner.

Our Vision

To be a reference company that is recognized by customers, employees, community, suppliers and investors as the best option, due to the quality of our products, services and relationships.

Our Values

• Sustainability
• Integrity
• Commitment
• Emphasis on people
• Exceed expectations
• Continuous improvement
• Innovation

Efficiency and productivity

With the actions covered under the SGD (Duratex Management System), we are enhancing processes and increasing efficiency across our production chain – from production improvements and inventory management to managing the performance of sales teams.

At the start of the SGD, there were around 300 macro actions; at the end of 2016, there were over 800 actions. In this context are Zero-Based Budgeting, review of our logistics model and tight control of consumption of raw materials. There are also projects to optimize back office activities and improve the sales model.

To assure the result of this process and our capacity to create value, we have a solid governance and risk management structure in our business.

Sustainability Strategy

The social and environmental impacts of business are also considered in strategic definition of our investments and action plans. The way we address these aspects within activities and operations was improved over the last year, with the review of the Sustainability Strategy, which was collectively created by Duratex areas and managers in 2016.

The strategy has pillars and relevant themes upon which we have established the social and environmental performance targets to be achieved by 2025. For each pillar, we also defined our aspirations, which show our commitments to the sustainable development.


Developing people and creating a value network

Our aspiration

We promote the development of employees, customers, consumers and local communities

Working conditions and employee development

With a focus on improving working conditions and the development of our employees, our investments are aimed at making operations safer and at making the company attractive to talent while also retaining talent, providing conditions for professional development and the formation of new leaders in line with our corporate culture.

Within the Duraseg Management System, one of the chief results achieved in 2016 was a 39% reduction in employee accidents compared to 2015. This program raises awareness and dialog among leaders and teams to foster a culture of safety and observation of situations of risk.

To promote professional development of our employees, we continually enhance the GIP (Integrated Personnel Management) Program, a system for evaluating the performance of our teams. In 2016, we invested in training managers that conduct this evaluation process and focused on developing tools that show our employees' competencies and strengths.

Customers and consumers engagement

In relations with customers and consumers, we made progress in training and free education for carpenters and plumbers who install our products. Over the last year, investments of around BRL 766,000 were made in these initiatives, positively impacting over 16,000 professionals in the sectors we serve.

The Installer Festival, an event aimed at plumbing industry professionals, was held once again at the Jundiaí unit in 2016. Guests learned about our industrial facilities and production processes while taking part in free training and courses.

Local community relations and development

With a focus on improving relations with the communities neighboring our units and on promoting local development, in 2016 we mapped stakeholders in communities and held dialogs with these publics at two units – Agudos (SP) and São Leopoldo (RS). These meetings will support construction of action plans for continued improvement of relations with our local publics.

The Formare program, developed in partnership with Fundação Iochpe, also shows one of the ways we generate value within this pillar. In 2016, we started the first class of the Formare Apprentice program at the Botucatu (SP) unit, benefitting 18 socially vulnerable young people who will be eligible for hiring by the company after 10 months of practical and theoretical classes.


Extending the positive environmental impact throughout the chain

Our aspiration

We continually improve the operations, targeting environmental balance in the value chain


Ecoefficiency initiatives carried out within our processes are aimed at continual end-to-end reduction of water and power consumption and of waste sent to landfills. In 2016, our total power consumption fell by 4% and 15% less waste was sent to landfill compared to the previous year. At the Taquari (RS) unit, we finished installing mills that process waste from panel manufacturing, sending this waste to combustors that generate the hot gas needed to dry the wood particles. In addition, we were given an honorable mention for energy efficiency project at the Metals São Paulo (SP) unit.

Climate change

We seek to drive expansion of thermal power generation based on renewable resources, lowering dependence on fossil fuels and reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

Within this context, in 2016 we strengthened our action with other organizations and academic centers, sharing experiences and knowledge on this topic. At the Companies for the Climate forum, a GVCes (Fundação Getulio Vargas Center for Sustainability Studies) initiative, we remained participants last year in the Volunteer Emissions Trade System. This action will allow us to be better prepared for future carbon pricing scenarios and will also contribute to building a possible economic instrument within the Brazilian market, aimed at reducing GHG and fulfilling Brazil's global commitments to combat climate change.

Sustainable forest management

Our forestry management has been certified according to FSC standards since 1995. In 2016, we invested around BRL 2.7 million in forestry research, including in resources to enhance genetics, which are important to produce trees that better withstand pests and diseases and are better adapted to the different climate conditions in the regions where our farms are located.

We continually incorporate state-of-the-art technology to monitor forests, in order to improve planting and management techniques. One of the most recent actions is the use of drones, which take high resolution photos while flying over the plantations and provide precise information to our technical teams. We also enhanced and expanded our actions to engage with local communities so as to further mitigate any adverse impacts resulting from forestry operations.

Sustainable supply chain

Our main tool for managing relations with the supply chain is the GFD (Duratex Supplier Management) Program, which began in 2013 and is aimed at sustainable development, generation of shared value and dissemination of good social and environmental practices in our chain.

In 2016, we revised the self-assessment questionnaires given to suppliers that take part in the GFD and held two workshops to raise awareness of our buyers and partners in relation to the topics of sustainability and ethical conduct. At these meetings, we reinforce the strategic role that suppliers play in guaranteeing the continuity of the business and mitigating legal and reputational risks connected to our supply chain.

Products and services

Innovating with sustainable solutions

Our aspiration

We aim to be a benchmark in supplying competitive and sustainable solutions that combine design, technology, high quality and innovation

Sustainable raw materials and solutions

Innovation is one of the drivers of our business model and is geared towards development of new products and services that increase our ability to improve our consumers' quality of life. In this sense we can mention water- and power-saving products as well as panels made with FSC-certified wood, which reduce social and environmental impact within the value chain, maintaining well-being and comfort, important values of our brand.

Our portfolio has different options with innovative and sustainable features, such as Deca's 389 water-saving products, which allow for less water to be used than in traditional models. At the Wood division, our certified wood panels from planted forests contribute to reducing deforestation as well as the use of illegally obtained supplies.

To promote innovation in our products and processes, we encourage and continually train our employees to be aware of and look for new solutions. One of the chief actions carried out in 2016 along these lines was Innovation Week, which brought together Duratex representatives and leading guests on this topic. Within our strategy, it is our goal to strengthen the culture of innovation and value employees with innovative profiles. The Imagine Program, in action at the company since 2012, is evidence of our openness to receiving suggestions for ideas from all of our professionals.