Em 2013, nossa liderança assumiu o compromisso de fazer a Duratex

  • Larger and more profitable
  • A source of pride for shareholders and employees
  • More respected in the market
  • More admired by stakeholders

Por isso, investimos em

  • Planning
  • Cost management
  • Productivity
  • Engagement of teams
  • Leadership development
  • We acquired Thermosystem, marking our foray into the eletronic showerhead segment
  • We expanded our operations abroad and increased our stake in Tablemac, a wood paneling manufacturer in Colombia that is a Duratex subsidiary, to 80.62%
  • We created Caetex, a joint operation geared towards formation of eucalyptus forests in the Northeast region of Brazil
  • We created the Duratex Management System (SGD), aimed at making us a more efficient and an even more productive company
  • We acquired Duchas Corona, which along with Thermosystem forms what is now Hydra, making us the second largest showerhead manufacturer in the country
  • We adopted Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) to review all of our processes
  • We consolidated SGD and continued to reap the fruits of lowering costs
  • We revised our Sustainability Strategy, establishing goals to be achieved by 2025
  • We involved our leaders in the process of updating our corporate culture and built the Way of Being and Doing
  • We increased our stake in Tablemac to 99%
  • The new Solutions for Better Living value proposition was created
  • We strengthened the SGD and internalized methodology, with a dedicated team
  • We spread the Way of Being and Doing and the Sustainability Strategy throughout the company
  • We acquired Ceusa, a manufacturer of ceramic tiles, to grow and diversify our portfolio of innovative solutions
  • We purchased a minority stake in the Viva Decora digital platform, to be even closer to our stakeholders

Solutions for Better Living

Our new value proposition – Solutions for Better Living - was announced to all stakeholders in 2017. It translates Duratex’s reason for existing and what the company proposes to do for its customers and consumers: direct investments, projects and efforts towards understanding people’s needs and offering innovative solutions that improve people’s quality of life and well-being.

Way of Being
and Doing

In 2016, the Board of Directors, Directors, Managers and Coordinators collectively built the Way of Being and Doing, defining the attributes and behaviors that we encourage and those that we will not accept in our employees’ conduct. With this, we seek to adapt our way of working and relating, with greater agility in decision making, meritocracy, innovation and protagonism.

Our Strategy

Our Strategic Plan, named Duratex 2025, sets four avenues to direct the company’s growth.

Digital platform

We aim to connect the construction, interior design and remodeling community, adding value for everyone involved in the consumer journey, through digital products and services

Solutions for living spaces

We will use our brands as to leverage value in offering complete solutions for finishing and decorating environments

Water solutions

We seek to be leaders and a pioneering spirit in complete solutions for heating and managing water consumption

Forestry solutions

We will maximize creation of value, developing new business opportunities with our forestry expertise


In 2017 we acquired Ceusa, a manufacturer of ceramic tiles that operates two units of production in Urussanga, Santa Catarina, through a competitive business model anchored in technogoly, innovation and design.

We purchased a 28.57% stake in Viva Decora, a digital platform with segmented content on décor and interior design, aimed at industry professionals. Through this partnership, we are progressing towards the digital economy, further diversifying our action in the market and strengthening our communication with architects and interior designers, moving even closer to our strategic publics.

Sustainability Strategy

Our 2025 Sustainability Strategy, built with the participation and engagement of the company’s employees and leaders in 2016, is one of the pillars supporting our strategic planning. The Strategy was built on four pillars and on relevant topics for which we have established social and environmental performance targets to be achieved by 2025, through involvement and action by the administrative and operational areas at Duratex.

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• People

• Processes

• Products and Services