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In the last few years, Duratex has adopted important measures for improving its Corporate Governance practices, aiming at transparency, increased stock liquidity and the generation of value for shareholders:

  • Member of BM&FBOVESPA Novo Mercado
  • 100% of ordinary shares. 1 share, 1 vote
  • 100% Tag-Along rights
  • Minimum dividend Policy: 30% of net adjusted income
  • Joined the Chamber of Arbitration of BM&FBOVESPA
  • Existence of Committees of the Board of Directors
    • Audit and Risk Management Committee*
    • Personnel, Governance and Nomination Committee*
    • Sustainability Committee*
    • Committee for Evaluation of Transactions with Related Parties (composed only of independent members)
    • Disclosure and Negotiation Committee (led by IR Director)

* Led by independent menbers