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Technology assistance an important asset for Duratex in its quest for sustainable growth. The continuous development of the technology involved in all processes goes hand in hand with improving productivity and reducing environmental impacts. The Company’s modern industrial structure allows it to offer outstanding products at competitive prices. Duratex uses the latest innovation machinery and equipment, and maintains processes that are run by robots,, as well as advanced hardware and software systems.


Duratex seeks to preserve natural resources and to integrate them with the Company’s strategic plan, thus investing in more efficient and cleaner processes, programs and equipment to reduce the consumption of water and electricity, and in the reuse of materials.

The Company also invests in the perfection of saplings and cultivation which have contributed for Duratex’s plantations to have one of the highest rates of productivity in the world. In addition to this, all the wood used in the production of boards and panels comes from forestry activities in certified areas. The same applies to ceramics and metal fittings, which are equipped with special water saving features.