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We are a public listed Brazilian company, with our shares being trated at B3 under the ticker code DTEX3, since 2009 the Company integrates the Novo Mercado sections, which brings together companies with the highest standards of corporate governance. In addition, since 2008, we are legible to ISE (Sustainability Index) portfolio, also from B3.

Controlled by Itaúsa – Investimentos Itaú S.A. and Ligna - Companhia Ligna. We have significant activities in the retail market of to the building and furniture industry.

Operating in two business areas – Deca and Wood, we sell various product lines mainly focused on the finishing segment of the building sector (metal fittings and vitreous chinaware with the brand names Deca and Hydra, and laminated flooring, Durafloor) and the manufacture of furniture (industrialized wooden panels, such as MDF – Medium Density Fiber Board, MDP – Medium Density Particle Board and hardboard, as well as Multiform components).

Our sales are predominantly to the domestic market, although we sell our products to more than 35 countries. We are placed among the 10 largest global players in the segment in which we operate, and we are the largest producer of industrialized wood panels and metal bathroom fittings in the southern hemisphere. Moreover, we are a leader in the Brazilian market in the vitreous chinaware and metal fittings segments.

Headquartered in São Paulo, Duratex has more than 11.7 thousand employees and 15 industrial units strategically located in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro. The Company also has operations in Colombia, with 3 industrial units of Tablemac, largest company in the sector panels that country.

Net income in 2016 was BRL 3,909.8 million, net income was R$ 26.2 million and shareholders' equity of R$ 4,570.7 million. The market value of the Company's year-end 2016 was BRL 4,687.2 billion.