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As we are aware of the impact that our activities have in society, we are keen to act so as to create increasingly shared values, either in processes or in products developed by us.

Therefore, we are looking back to our Business Model and have mapped the most important inputs to our operation, in order to check how we could enhance our value creation in the medium to long term, to all stakeholders with whom we relate, from our activities and products.

A new version of our Business Model then was born, assessing the entire value chain and defining how Deca and Wood divisions, with units spread across Brazil, should perform to create value to our stakeholders in an integrated manner to our strategy, Mission, Vision and Values and taking into account six capital proposed by the Integrated International Reporting Council (IIRC). As follows:

Natural capital

Human capital

Social and relationship capital

Manufactured capital

Intellectual capital

Financial capital

Check it out as follows our Business Model. Developed by a multidisciplinary group composed of leaders from different administrative and operational areas in the company, and approved at a special meeting by our Sustainability Committee in 2015, it is followed by all leaders and employees ever since.