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We are aware of our responsibility of contributing to the development of the regions where we are installed. For this reason, sustainability is the way we have chosen to do our business. Our Strategic Planning includes, consistently, our social, environmental and economic impacts and we also have a solid governance structure, which stands out from the Brazilian scenario due to its involvement in the top management in decision-making about the subject – including the shareholders, who since the company's foundation make a point of bringing the sustainability bias to our business.

With the commitment of always acting foreseeing the society needs, founded on our perennial Values, in order to develop and appreciate people, expand the positive impacts of our processes, deliver products even more full of value to our clients and customers and encourage new business models, we have revisited our entire Sustainability Strategy during 2016.

The revision process was collaboratively done. We listened to company's executives and opinion leaders, consulted studies and documents produced by civil society entities, like FSC®, analyzed our performance with platforms and methodologies renowned by the market, like Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the ISE (Corporate Sustainability Index), performed benchmarking researches with national and international companies of our business sector and, with the participation of representatives of all business and corporate areas of the company, we have revisited our position regarding the theme.

This entire process originated our new Sustainability Strategy, structured based on four pillars of acting: People, Processes, Products and Services and New Business Models, which were multiplied into aspirations strategic themes and 45 clear and objective goals to be accomplished by all our productive and administrative areas by the end of 2025.

See below the complete structure of our Sustainability Strategy and click here to know our goals.

Escada da Estratégia de Sustentabilidade

During 2017, this strategy will be passed hierarchically to each one of our collaborators by the company's leadership, ensuring that all be aligned to their objectives and commitments. The goals report included in it will be annually done, clearly and transparently, in our Annual Report.

The new Sustainability Strategy substitutes the Sustainability Platform, a mechanism that during 2013 and 2014, guided all our actions related to the theme through short and medium term crosscutting goals, aligned to the company's Strategic Planning.