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The assumption of continuous improvement pervades all processes and products. Therefore, we have adopted the best environmental practices in the operation of our manufacturing and forestry plants, seeking the efficient use of resources and reduced water, energy, and raw material consumption, which even contributes to mitigate our GHG (Greenhouse Gases) emissions.

This practice is part of our SGA (Environmental Management System), certified by ISO 14001.

Water And Effluents

We have developed a number of efficiency projects, which bring great results to our business, to society and the environment, in line with the goals and commitments taken in the Sustainability Platform, which, in turn, is integrated to our Strategic Planning.

Concerning the reduction in water consumption, we provide rainwater capture for irrigation of our seeding nursery in the Lençóis Paulista (SP) plant, and have adopted water reuse mechanisms and systems within our industrial processes – such as in the manufacture of Duratree fiberboard and electroplating. In 2015, we reused 2.5 million cubic meters of water, thus saving a water volume capable of supplying about 763 thousands people/month, taking into account the UN's estimate for each person to consume 110 liters of water a day.

Regarding the reduction of effluent disposal and to ensure quality to the disposed water, we work mainly in the reduction of organic matter with better performance than expected in applicable laws. We invest in improving the efficiency of water treatment plants in all sites. E.g., in São Leopoldo (RS), most wastewater generated is reused in the plant's production process due to improvement initiatives in the local effluent treatment plant.

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Looking forward to reducing the energy consumption, we have improved the energy efficiency of our equipment, reduced the temperature of porcelain furnaces, and installed motion-sensing light switches in our plants. We also promoted awareness campaigns with employees from all manufacturing plants in order to avoid wasting water and electricity.

Additionally, we have invested in the use of renewable fuels in our production – e.g., biomass, which already represents 50.4% of our energy matrix. One of our main projects in the area promoted the substitution of petroleum-derived oil with wood dust (biomass) to generate thermal energy in the production process of MDP panels in Wood Division. Implemented in the Itapetininga (SP) plant, which is temporarily down, the initiative consolidated in 2015 and contributed to reduce 8.5% of our GHG direct emissions against 2014.

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