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Since 2007, we have managed our Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions and more recently have included the Climate Change topic in our business agenda, following the worldwide movement to combat climate change, involving governments, companies and the civil society.

We have undertaken the commitment to steadily reduce GHG emissions from our activities and to move more and more in the path of low carbon economy from targets established in our Sustainability Platform, aligned with the company's Strategic Planning.

Our main source of direct emissions is the burning of fuels for generating energy required on industrial operations. Therefore, we are continuously investing in increasing the share of renewable sources, such as biomass, in our energy matrix, and bet on energy efficiency initiatives. As a result of our actions, we reduced our GHG direct emissions by 8.5% in 2015.

Committed to transparency, we also report, in yearly basis, our emission inventory in an on-line platform, in accordance with the Brazil GHG Protocol Program guidelines, which is a benchmark in the subject. Since 2011, information is audited by an external audit company in order to provide more quality and credibility to data. With this practice, we awarded the GHG Protocol Golden seal, which certifies the high level of transparency in our information about the matter.

We also participate, in a volunteer basis, to flagship corporate initiatives in the climate industry – such as CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and We Mean Business, in order to encourage and contribute to discussions regarding the fight against climate change in Brazil and worldwide.

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