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Being aware of the impact that our activities have on the regions we operate, since 2004, and in a consistent, systematic basis, we have been monitoring our performance in five environmental aspects: Water, Effluents, Emissions, Energy and Waste.

This practice is carried out through the SGA (Environmental Management System), certified with ISO 14001 in 10 of our 15 manufacturing plants, and is essential to ensure the monitoring and continuous improvement of all our environmental processes.

The indicator monitoring also includes modules from the SAP system, which ensures standardization and centralization of environmental data from all our manufacturing and forest plants into a single management system.

The process helps in the measurement and assessment of environmental efficiency targets from our Sustainability Platform, provided that it enables identifying more effectively the opportunities and challenges to our business. Plus, it enhances our transparency and facilitates reporting our environmental performance in the Annual and Sustainability Report and market indexes.