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The continued reduction of effluent and waste disposal sent to landfill is part of our environmental commitment recorded in the Strategic Planning and translated in the form of goals, in our Sustainability Platform.

Hence, in order to promote the increase of our environmental efficiency, we regularly invest in projects that enable the reuse of water in our own production process or as a feedstock to other segment industries.

In the Wood Division, since 2013, ash from biomass burn to generate thermal energy and the sludge generated in effluent treatment are processed in a composting plant located in the Agudos (SP) plant. Through the initiative, which has been replicated in the Uberaba (MG) plant, we have managed to product organic compost for fertilizing the soil in our forest areas, and no longer send thousands of tons of waste to landfills every year.

In Deca Division, all Sanitary Ware plants are equipped with crushing machine, the equipment that crush dishes rejected from our quality criteria, in order to reuse them in mass composition used in the manufacture of new pieces. Moreover, the plaster molds used in the production process are resold to the cement industry and incorporated into the cement manufacture, which provides to our company revenue from reusing the waste from our industrial process.

In Deca's Metal plants, a groundbreaking technology allows recovering and reusing, in the production process, all the brass and bronze present in the sludge and left from the casting process, thus reducing our waste generation.

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