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Aiming to add durability and shared value to our business, we have adopted, in 2013, a new, more robust governance structure that supports the execution of our Strategic Planning, always aligned to risk mitigation, market opportunities and continuous improvement of our social and environmental performance.

The new model incorporates to governance a Sustainability Committee, composed of members of the Board of Directors and chaired by an independent board member. The group, which meets and discusses throughout the year, works to advise the company's top management to help identify the market demands and contribute to the improvement of the issue management and integration to our business.

All challenges and opportunities mapped by the Sustainability Committee are brought to our Board of Directors, which gathers in a monthly basis to discuss agendas directly related to our business. The board is composed of 11 members of experience and qualification widely recognized by the market, who do not perform any executive role or position in our company. At present, three of them are independent.

Check beside our full governance structure. The model provides us with a competitive edge in the market, enhancing our space in the New Markets portfolio from BM&FBovespa, which gathers the companies with the most modern, strict corporate governance practices in Brazil.

Governance Structure