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Being aware of the impact that our activities have on the regions we operate, since 2004 we have been monitoring our performance in five environmental aspects: Water, Effluents, Emissions, Energy, and Waste.

This practice is part of our SGA (Environmental Management System), which is certified with ISO 14001 and is essential to ensure the evaluation and continuous improvement to all our processes and products with regards to environmental efficiency.

As a way to engage our leaders and employees in the process, we have also set goals for our environmental indicators aiming to reduce the use of natural resources, inputs and energy in all our manufacturing plants every year. Such goals are recorded in our Sustainability Platform.

Bearing in mind our improved efficiency since 2004, when we started monitoring our performance in the Environment area, in 2016, we are committed to maintain our environmental performance in Deca Metals and Wood-Panels divisions, based on the financial year 2015.

At Deca Sanitary Ware, there will be efficiency increase in production processes, reinforcing our concern with the environment. See the goals below:

  • 10% decrease in water consumption
  • 7.7% decrease in the generation of wastewater
  • 11.7% decrease in total power consumption
  • 6.4% decrease in power consumption
  • 4.8% decrease in sending waste to landfill

The following are our environmental goals.