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Being aware of the impacts caused by our activities in the areas we operate, we also work, both in processes or products developed, in order to respect and value the social, environmental and cultural aspects of communities neighboring our plants. What is more, we seek to contribute to local development based on guidelines set by our Social Responsibility Policy. Thus, we can create value for the comunity and mitigate risks related to our natural and social and relationship capital.

Our Private Social Investment strategy is grounded on three areas of activity: As follows:

  • Professional Training, focused on projects that include people in situations of social vulnerability in the labor market. Among them, the Formare program, that provides occupational training courses for low-income young people, aged between 16–18 years old, who leave in our site vicinity. Classes are all taught by our own employees in a voluntary basis.
  • Education, Research and Environmental Knowledge, focused on initiatives that promote the dissemination of information about the environment in order to encourage the protection and conservation of fauna and flora from regions where we operate. Among them, the AVAP (Piatan Environmental Experience Area) is a space that promotes environmental education activities in the forest plant of Agudos (SP), for students and other people interested in knowing the sustainable management process in forest plantations, and those works for biodiversity conservation.
  • Water Management, focused on projects that promote the efficient, rational use of water in key locations within the communities where we are installed, such as public hospitals.

In parallel, we also invest on social actions and projects developed by NGOs and civil society organizations, which contribute to the development of communities where we operate. Among these initiatives, we have the “Na Mão Certa” program, an initiative from Childhood Brazil that works to fight sexual exploitation of children and teenagers in the country's highways.