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As important as owning a business model aligned with sustainability, it is to know that our production chain complies with these goals and intents, so that we can grow and create shared value.

We have more than 8.5 thousand of active suppliers of goods and services, which play an important role in representing our brand. Therefore, we are keen to maintain a close relationship with all these partners so as to create shared value to our business.

Besides the Ombudsman channel, through which suppliers and employees can suggest, complain and criticize the issues that are not complying with the company's policies, we maintain the GFD (Duratex Suppliers Management) program.

The key mechanism to manage the relationship with our suppliers, GFD applies a series of tools that seek the sustainable development and spreading good social and environmental management practices with these stakeholders.

Among them is the use of questionnaires that encompass social, environmental, and legal aspects of our partners and conducting surprise visits and inspections to their premises, supported by outsourced independent companies.

Suppliers yearly receive their assessment feedback. The document contains social, environmental and legal results, comparison against other companies in the same industry, and improvement opportunities. Partners who exhibit any behavior inconsistent with our policies, during this process – such as child or slave labor, and environmental pollution – have their contracts automatically terminated.

GFD was even featured in the 2015 Sustainability Exam Guide as a supplier relationship model.