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Duratex's Code of Ethics and Conduct is directed at all members of management, employees and student trainees of Duratex to serve as a reference for personal and professional conduct. Employees should acquaint themselves with it, and make others aware of it, acting in defence of the code and ensuring that its fulfilment is observed.

This code contributes to establishing a standard of respect and transparency in relationships, with the objective of providing us with guidance as to how proceed in accordance with our Values and Ethical Principles.

In this regard, the Code specifies:

a) Duratex's commitments to society, in particular its employees, customers, consumers and suppliers;

b) The standards of conduct expected from employees in the carrying out of their personal and professional responsibilities.

For this reason it is essential that each employee reads the code in detail so as to be able to use it on a daily basis as a set of guidelines for acts and decisions.

We are certain that it is an extremely useful and necessary instrument for work, capable of inspiring us in going out about our business at Duratex and in the art of transforming our personal and professional conduct as an example to all.

Salo Davi Seibel
Chairman of the Board of Directors

How We Are

A company is a living organism. It has its own personality, image and culture. It is made up of professional staff with different characteristics and abilities, but which together, complement each other in the quest to attain goals and realize dreams shared.

Here we provide a summary of Duratex’s Values, Mission and Vision. Elements that are part of our way of being, which are reflected in our way of thinking and which provide guidelines for how we operate.

Duratex’s identity, inherent in our track record and recorded here, is the result of the perception on the part of everyone as a whole, as well as that of each and everyone of us.

It is living with Duratex's identity that will ensure that the company goes on to even greater achievements and conquests.

Together we will build Duratex's future!

Our Mission

• To meet the demands of our customers with excellence, through the development and offering products and services that contribute to an improvement in people's quality of life and generating wealth in a sustainable manner.

Our Vision

• To be a company that is a benchmark for the quality of our products, services and relationships, recognized as the best option for clients, employees, the community, suppliers and investors.

Our Values

• Integrity
• Commitment
• Appreciation of human worth
• Excelling in results
• Continuous improvement
• Innovation
• Sustainability


Duratex's Commitments

Ethics and Corporate Citizenship

We respect human rights and do not accept any form of exploitation, discrimination or disrespect in our business activities, environments and value chain.
• We adopt sustainable corporate directives and practices.
• We carry out and provide support for community actions and those in the public interest, particularly with respect to the promotion of initiatives involving education, sport, art and culture.
• We encourage our value chain (including the supply chain) to adopt corporate sustainability practices and socio-environmental development.
• We do not use any form of contrivance, imposition or coercion in our operations and businesses.
• We provide the information that our public audiences need in a clear and correct manner, to enable them to make decisions in regard to Duratex.
• We comply with the laws, standards and regulations of the countries in which we operate in all instances.
• We adopt practices and policies aimed at the prevention and combat of all types of illicit payments and bribery, or the obtaining of personal advantage or privileges, fraud, moneylaundering, potential conflicts of interest, etc.

Administration, transparency and rendering of accounts

We adopt corporate governance directives and practices designed to ensure:

• A diligent, honest and prudent management
• The good reputation of Duratex.
• Competitive returns for shareholders and investors.
• The satisfaction of our customers.
• Alignment of the activities of Duratex with the commitments expressed in this Code and in the directives for sustainability, personnel management, performance, remuneration systems, risk management, financial controls, auditing, compliance, internal controls and corporate security.
• That society and our public audiences are informed in a timely manner about the intentions, decisions and results of Duratex.
• That our declarations, reports, communiqués and financial statements clearly and correctly reflect the reality of Duratex.
• That our contracts can be easily understood, and clearly show the rights and duties of the parties involved, pointing out the existing risks.
• The independence of our risk management, compliance, auditing and ombudsman processes.
• The protection of non-public information (restricted, confidential and internal) with a view to avoiding its leakage and possibly prejudicing Duratex and its public audiences.

Conduct towards public audience

Related Parties

• Operations and business with related parties are carried out under market conditions and put the interests of Duratex first, observing strictly observing commonly agreed conditions, negotiated in an independent manner, through a transparent, ethical process,
• and in compliance with the legislation in force.
• We provide the information necessary for the related parties to make their decisions, in a clear and correct manner.
• We adopt transparent criteria which increase the degree of impartiality in the management of conflict of agenda, with a view to eliminating legally asymmetric injustice and in the reconciliation of the interests of the related parties.


• We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.
• We adopt policies and practices aimed at preventing and combating degrading forms of work (child labour, forced labour, slave labour, etc).
• We respect political rights and the labour rights of workers, including the right to collective wage bargaining and the freedom to associate with political parties and unions.
• Personnel management processes (hiring, firing, transference, promotion, merit-based salary increases, disciplinary sanctions, etc,) are carried out with respect, transparency, impartiality, and based on the precepts of meritocracy.

Customers and Consumers

• The quality of our products and services must exceed the standards established by the legislation and the standards for the sector.
• We respect the freedom of choice of our customers and consumers, and provide  them with the information necessary for them to make decisions, in a clear and correct manner.
• We do not use contrivances such as back-to-back sales and other forms of imposition or coercion in the carrying out of our business.
• We serve our clients and consumers with a welcoming approach, professionalism and flexibility, taking into account their interests, time, opinions and sentiments.
• We make service channels available that are prepared to listen to our customers with attention and deal with their requests, complaints and pertinent suggestions in a timely manner.

Suppliers (suppliers of products, service providers, commercial partners, business partners, etc.)

• We adopt fair and transparent criteria in the selection and contracting of our suppliers.
• We adopt directives and practices for the development of our suppliers with the aim of perfecting our products and services.
• We do not tolerate any form of degrading work (slave labour, forced labour, child labour, etc) in our supply chain, or any failure to comply with the labour legislation in force or actions which cause damage to the environment.
• We do not tolerate any practice of corruption, bribery, graft, personal favours and other forms of illicit or criminal acts in our supply chain.


• We operate according to market rules and defend free competition between companies, ensuring that our products and services compete for consumer preference according to fair criteria, in respect to the provisions of Law 12.529/11 (Antitrust Law )
• We condemn the practices that prevent free competition between companies, such as pricing or terms of sale between competitors (cartel), market power abuse or economic, predatory pricing (dumping) etc.
• We respect the reputation and the opinions of our competitors and not devalue its products and services, ensuring conditions for healthy competition.
• We participate in business associations in a spirit of cooperation aimed at improving the economic sectors in which we operate, repudiating any kind of agreement or exchange of competitively sensitive information that harm free competition.

Public sector

Duratex's decisions are not influenced by party or ideological preferences.
• Partnerships, contributions and sponsorships from the public sector should:

• Comply with applicable laws, especially Law No. 12.846/13 (Anticorruption Law), and our corporate guidelines.
• Be properly recorded in our statements.

Duratex does not make donations to public sector entities in order to avoid any kind of misunderstandings or questions about their objectives, based on Law No. 12,846/13 (Anticorruption Law).

Non-profit sector

Partnerships and contributions (sponsorship, donations, etc.) to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Organisations in the Public Civil Interest (OPCIs), philanthropic entities, etc, must:

• Be in compliance with the applicable legislation and conform to corporate directives.
• Be duly recorded in our financial statements.


We base our relationship with the media on the principles of truthfulness and independence.
• We have the discernment to differentiate between information that should be made available to the public and what constitutes marketing and publicity.
• We recognise and respect the right of the press to keep the public informed.


We know that the way in which we carry out our tasks, honour our commitments and how we behave, reveals the value which we attribute to others, and ourselves, because our habits and attitudes can both positively influence the confidence with which we are received, as well as generating loss of image, giving rise to personal and professional dissatisfaction. Thus   it is important to continually improve the quality of our work and cultivate motivating environments that encourage cooperation: this is the best way of protecting our personal dignity.

Personal conduct

Standards, policies, processes and established procedures should always be complied with. Only doing that which you are sure you are able to do; if in doubt, seek advice from your immediate superior or the Human Resources Department.
• Cultivate    cordiality    in    relationships     and     seek    to    resolve    disagreements     or misunderstandings, with care, respect and cordial approach.
• Encourage the practice of dialogue, and not the imposition of a point of view; listen to the opinion of others with attention and respect, even though you may disagree with them.
• Help colleagues to carry out good work and provide guidance with patience and interest for those who request it.
• Never introduce someone to make an error or cause himself harm.
• Give due credit to the ideas and undertakings of colleagues, and do not present ideas, opinions or personal preferences as though they were those of Duratex or its managers or employees.
• Do not use the name of Duratex, or your post or the influence of your post to obtain personal benefits or benefits for relations, friends or third.
• Do not discriminate against anyone as a function of their ethnicity, gender or political, sexual, religious, cultural preferences, or because of their disabilities.
• Do not adopt offensive conduct, be it verbal, physical or through gestures.
• Do not replicate rumours and slander.
• If you make a mistake, do not hide the fact; be transparent and truthful, and make an effort to mitigate the consequences, and learn from them.
• Participate in the education and training initiatives offered by Duratex with punctuality and dedication.
• Take care of the installations, resources, equipment and work materials, and only make personal use of them in an emergency situation which does not put the integrity of the assets of Duratex at risk.
• Adopt the precepts of conscientious consumption: do not waste water, electricity, paper, plastic objects, office supplies, and practice selective waste disposal.
• Avoid financial imbalances, because they can adversely affect personal and professional order.
• Appear in the work environment in a normal condition (without being under the influence of alcohol or drugs etc,); the use of illicit drugs is a crime, and is prejudicial to professional conduct, gravely endangering the life of their users, upsetting the working environment, and capable of creating risk situations for others.
• Take care of your personal appearance, dress appropriately to the function exercised.
• Do not disclose information about Duratex or make comments on day-to-day work situations on social networks.

Professional conduct

Carry out your work with zeal, with a focus on the interests of Duratex, complying with the rules of the company and this Code of Ethics and Conduct.
• Keep up-to-date with respect to advances made in your professional area, and should this be the case, obtain the necessary certifications to carry out your role at the company.
• Do not permit a businesses and operations of Duratex to be used for illicit or criminal acts (corruption, bribery, money laundering, fraud, etc,). To this end, among other precautions, acquaint yourself with Duratex's directives and practices on this subject and comply with them.
• Never provide advice, disseminate information, or negotiate on the basis of rumours or unreliable data.
• Acquaint yourself with Duratex's other policies and norms, and comply with them.
• In relationships with clients, suppliers and other public audiences, seek out  the appropriate channels to deal with requests or to resolve conflicts, when they are outside your scope of responsibility.
• Request guidance from your immediate superior and the corporate communication department before participating in media interviews and programs, of either  a conventional or virtual nature. Do not speak in the name of Duratex without prior authorisation.
• Do not use social networks or software not provided by Duratex to carry out your professional activities.

Conflicts of interest

These arise when personal interests are in opposition to those of Duratex or vice-versa.

These situations put our reputation at risk, and therefore need to be managed with transparency and must be immediately communicated to the Ombudsman Department.

Protection of information and Duratex's know-how

Information and know-how (knowledge, technologies, methods, systems, software, etc.) that circulates internally, is the property of Duratex and for this reason cannot be used for personal ends, or passed on to third parties without prior authorisation.
• Request authorisation from a director before using Duratex's information or know-how in external activities or publications: classes, congresses, seminars, academic work, books, magazines, etc.
• Use Duratex's information and know-how only for the company’s benefit, and for the benefit of its public audiences.
• Respect the privacy of customers and suppliers, keeping the registration details, information, operations, services contracted, etc. confidential.
• Protect and prevent the leakage of any document or information that could cause damage or discomfort to people or companies.
• Ensure that the other sectors of Duratex do not have access to non-public  information that circulates in your area.
• In the event of you leaving Duratex, do not take with you any copies of information, software processes or any other type of knowledge that is the property of Duratex.

Kinship relationships within Duratex

The hiring of family relations is forbidden (grandparents, parents, brothers, spouses, children, parents in-law, sons and daughters in law and step children) under the following conditions: (i) if involving direct or indirect subordination; (ii) for posts involving operational relationships in activities that require segregation of the function of active employees (e.g.: financial vs. supply chain, auditing, supply chain vs. receipt of payment, etc.), avoiding conflicts of interest.
• The hiring of relations of active employees is permitted in co-related functions in the same area, provided that there is no conflict of interest (e.g.: agricultural worker, production operators, etc.); at the time of such a nomination, managers and employees must declare the existence of a family relationship to their manager, and the area responsible for hiring.

Relationships with customers and suppliers (suppliers of products, service providers, commercial partners, business partners, etc.)

• Before carrying out private business with executives, companies and company managers who are customers or suppliers of Duratex, managers and employees must obtain authorisation from their immediate superior.

Courtesies (promotional gifts, presents, favours, etc.)

• No courtesies of any nature should be accepted or offered: presents, gratuities, favours, discounts on transactions of a personal nature, business or leisure trips, invitations to participate at events, or any other courtesies.
• If market practices really require an exchange of courtesies, the value of these shall be restricted (for courtesies offered and received) to the limits established in Duratex's internal standards and regulations.
• In relationships with the public sector it is forbidden to offer or receive courtesies to/from public employees, or occupants of political posts, or their parties.

Courtesies in institutional relationships and marketing ((invitations to learn about new products and services; participation as a lecturer or part of the audience, at seminars, meetings, etc.)

• In offering such courtesies, it is permitted to include the expenses of travel, local transport, board and lodging, inscription, etc.
• In the receiving of such courtesies, these expenses must be covered by Duratex, when possible, and depending on the judgement of the executive director responsible.

Contributions (sponsorship, donations etc.)

• Before receiving or offering contributions, managers and employees must inform their immediate superior of their intention.
• Contributions should be carried out in compliance with the laws, standards and regulations in the countries in which Duratex is present.
• The contributions should not influence decision-making processes, or provide margin for this interpretation, or practised in the exchange for, or anticipation of, any favour.
• Contributions made in the name of Duratex must be previously approved by the Commission for Social Investment.

Contributions to the Public Sector

Contributions to entities and persons in the Public Sector must be approved by the Commission for Social Investment and should be linked to in initiatives and partnerships which aim to provide collective benefit or improve public service.

Candidature of managers and employees for elected public office

• Before offering themselves as a candidate for elected public office, managers and employees must inform their immediate superior of their intention.

External activities

Work in other companies or organisations as an employee, service provider, consultant, director or board member, cannot conflict in any sense (nature, timing, etc.) with the activities carried out at Duratex
Before assuming activities within other companies or organisations, managers and employees should inform their immediate superior of their intention.

Interests and shareholdings in companies

Participation in other companies or organisations as a partner, partner director or partner investor cannot conflict in any sense (nature, time, etc.) with activities carried out at Duratex.
• Before assuming responsibilities within other companies and organisations,  managers and employees should inform their immediate superior of their intention.

Loans, commerce, collections and games between colleagues

Do not request loans from, or grant loans to, work colleagues.
• Do not buy or sell any merchandise or services on the premises of Duratex.
• Participation in pro-rata contributions and collection to raise funds for commemorations, donations, etc. is optional and voluntary, and the value of such contributions may not be disclosed.
• Do not hold raffles, engage in betting or games for prizes etc.


Managers and employees are responsible for guaranteeing that this Code of Ethics and Conduct is complied with, and in addition to conforming with it in their day-to-day activity, should promptly communicate any suspicion or knowledge of any violation of its directives to the Ombudsman Department.

Committee for Staff, Governance and Nomination

The management of this Code of Ethics and Conduct Is the responsibility of  the Committee for Staff, Governance and Nomination, an advisory body that reports to the Board of Directors of Duratex, its task of being to:

• Continually assess the norms and standards contained in the document, and if necessary update them;
• Deliberate on any doubts about the Code's Interpretation.

• Ombudsman Department

• To receive and analyse:

• Communications received (suggestions, consultations, criticisms, praise and denouncements) referring to the Duratex Code of Ethics and Conduct.
• Ethical dilemmas, conflicts of interests and dance with respect to interpretation and situations not covered in the Duratex Code of Ethics and Conduct.

• Analysis treatment

• Cases of ethical misconduct are forwarded to the director responsible for the area reported on, with a copy being sent to the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
• On a quarterly basis, the Ombudsman Department will report on the work that it has carried out to the Committee for Staff, Governance and Nomination, as well as providing a half-yearly presentation on its activities to the Executive Board and the Committee for Auditing and Risk Management.
• Cases involving managers should be communicated to the president of the Committee for Staff, Governance and Nomination.
• The cases involving acts of corruption will be forwarded by the Ombudsman to Compliance Department Cool, who is responsible for any incidents with public agencies, as provided by Law No. 12,846 / 13 (Anticorruption Law)  with the referral following the matter for decision Board and President.

• Contact channels

Conflicts of an ethical nature, misconduct and related eventualities, or denouncements with respect to bring non-observance of this Code, should be forwarded to the Ombudsman Department through one of the following channels:

E-mail: ouvidoria@duratex.com.br
Intranet: through filling in the electronic form, link Ombudsman Department.
Internet: through filling in the electronic form on the website www.duratex.com.br
Suggestion boxes provided in each of the companies units.
Electronic service (voicemail): 0800 55 75 77
By letter: Av. Paulista, 1938 – 9º andar – A/C Ouvidoria Duratex – São Paulo-SP, CEP 01310-942.

For all the contact channels provided, the reporting party may identify himself or make an anonymous report. Secrecy and confidentiality are guaranteed. He or she may request a personal meeting, which will take place in a reserved location. Protection for Denouncers

• Managers or employees who carry out, or attempt to carry out, retaliation against those who communicate their suspicions or who collaborate in the verification of violations of this Code of Ethics and Conduct, will be subject to the disciplinary measures as set out in Duratex's standards and norms


Managers and employees who violate Duratex’s Code of Ethics and Conduct will be subject to the disciplinary sanctions set out in the company’s internal regulations and standards.


Duratex's Code of Ethics and Conduct has been approved by the Board of  Directors. The directives of this Code should be followed by all employees of Duratex, including its managers.