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Workforce, Governance and Nominations

Personnel, Governance and Nomination Committee.Maria Elsa Alba Bernhoeft (President and Specialist Member); Alfredo Egydio Arruda Villela Filho, Alfredo Egydio Setubal, Paula Lucas Setubal, Rodolfo Villela Marino and Salo Davi Seibel;

Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee: Rodolfo Villela Marino (Chairman), Marcelo de Camargo Furtado, Ricardo Egydio Setubal and Tarcila Reis Correa Ursini (Specialist Member);

Audit and Risk Management

Audit and Risk Management Committee: Raul Calfat (Chairman), Juliana Rozenbaum Munemori, Paula Lucas Setubal, Ricardo Egydio Setubal, Rodolfo Villela Marino and Tereza Cristina Grossi Togni (Specialist Member);

Disclosure and Negotiations

Disclosure and Negotiations Committee: Antonio Joaquim de Oliveira, Ivan Caetano Diniz de Mello and Ricardo Egydio Setubal, in addition to the Investor Relations Officer Carlos Henrique Pinto Haddad.

Evaluation of Transactions with Related Parties

Committee for Evaluation of Transactions with Related Parties. Juliana Rozenbaum Munemori (President) and Raul Calfat;

IT and Digital Innovation

IT and Digital Innovation. Alexandre de Barro (President and Specialist), Alfredo Egydio Arruda Villela Filho, Andrea Laserna Seibel, Antonio Joaquim de Oliveira, Juliana Rozenbaum Munemori e Daniel Lopes Franco (Specialist Member);


Commission for Personnel
Proposes and monitors the implementation of staff management policies and practices, focused on attracting, developing and retaining the talent which has led Duratex to be recognised as one of the best companies to work for. It consists of one coordinator and seven members.

Risk Commission
The risk commission evaluates and monitors all risks involved the Company’s operations and activities, and reports them to the Audit and Risk Management Committee along with proposals for risk mitigation. The commission is coordinated by the Director of Finance, Investor Relations and Corporate Services, and is composed of the remaining members of the Board of Executives.

Investment Commission
Analyzes the competition and competiveness of Duratex, in addition to monitoring and approving investments by the Company in fixed assets. The commission consists of one coordinator and five members.