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  • Shares listed on the Novo Mercado of BM&FBOVESPA
  • Only ordinary shares are in circulation, that is, each share confers the right to one vote at the General Shareholder Meetings
  • 100% Tag-Along rights for the shares
  • More than 30% of independent members on the Senior Board of Directors
  • Advisory Committees to the Board: People, Nomination and Governance, Sustainability, Auditing and Risk Management, Trading and Disclosure, Evaluation of Transactions with Related Parties, and IT and Digital Innovation
  • Dividend policy requiring a minimum distribution of 30% of adjusted net earnings
  • Policy in force for the disclosure of Material Events and Facts in the Trading of Securities
  • Compliance with the ABRASCA Code for Self-regulation and Good Practices in Publicly Traded Companies
  • Brokers that cover the company: Bradesco BBI, BTG Pactual, Empiricus Research, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Nau Securities.