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Comparative View:

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Net sales revenues 1,161,588
Change in Fair Value of Biological Assets 68,537
Cost of Goods Sold -715,662
Depreciation / Amortization / exhaustion -104,692
Exhaustion of biological assets -21,545
Gross Profit 388,226
Selling Expenses -181,586
General and Administrative Expenses -53,176
Management Compensation -4,525
Other Operating Compensation -6,283
Equity income from subsidiaries -17,004
Operating Profit before Financial Income and Equity 125,652
Financial Income 64,229
Financial Expenses -107,492
Income Before Income Tax and Social Contribution 82,389
Income and social contribution taxes - current -18,969
Income Tax and Social Contribution - Deferred -11,429
Effect profit from discontinued operation null
Net Income 51,991
Recurring Net Income 50,560
Recurring EBITDA 200,142
EBITDA Margin 17.2 %

* Because of the date of the merger between Duratex and Satipel, 31.08.09, include data only from the "old" Duratex

**from 1Q 12 the data does not include discontinued operation, Deca Piazza