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Duratex’s competitive advantages are rooted in its essence and stretch beyond the balance sheet. Such attributes are essential for the creation of value, for sustaining operations in the long term and for differentiating the Company in an ever-competitive market.


Duratex has consolidated, throughout its history, the Duratex, Durafloor, Deca and Hydra brands, along with others registered in the international market, which today are synonymous to quality and trust.

These brands express the innovating spirit that permeates the Company’s activities, as well as its commitment to delivering high quality products to clients and consumers.


Duratex continuously invests in research, and in the development of products and solutions that add to the Company’s competitiveness. Highly capable employees are in tune with new trends, and are able to create products that are in sync with the consumer’s interests.


The quality of Duratex’s products is a national reference and assures the Company a privileged position. Trained sales teams, technical assistance available throughout the country and Customer Service ensure the credibility of the brands and transmit a sense of trust to customers.


Technology is one of the Company’s main allies in the search for sustainable growth. The continuous technological advancement of Duratex’s processes allow for both greater productivity and for the reduction of environmental impacts. In order to offer differentiated and competitive products, Duratex counts with a modern industrial structure, with last-generation machinery and equipment, robotic processes and constant maintenance, along with advanced hardware and software systems.


The preservation of natural resources is an integral component of the Company’s strategic plan. Duratex invests in the reutilization of materials, as well as in efficient and clean processes, programs and equipment aimed at reducing the consumption of water and electric energy. Resources are also dedicated towards the enhancement of seedlings and of procedures that allow for plantations to hold one of the highest productivity levels in the world.

Besides these initiatives, all the wood used in the production of panels and hardboards derives from reforestation areas, most of which are certified. The same holds true for ceramic and metal sanitary ware, which allow for water consumption management.

Cost Management

Among the initiatives to reduce operational costs are the reutilization of raw materials and the use of biomass in heating the boilers. The production scale, the integrated wood supply systems, (where forests are located next to mills) and verticalized production units are also essential to guaranteeing high productivity at low costs.


Among Duratex’s main assets are its employees, which possess differentiated knowledge in their areas of expertise. The attraction, training and retention of talent is the focus of the Company’s Human Resources department, which stimulates and contributes towards a healthy work environment.