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Duratex is a public listed Brazilian company, with shares traded at B3 stock exchange under the ticker code DTEX3.The Company integrates the Novo Mercado segment, consisting of companies regarded with the highest standards of corporate governance. In addition, Duratex is a member of the ISE (Sustainability Index) portfolio since 2008.

The Company’s main shareholders are Itaúsa – Investimentos Itaú S.A. and Ligna - Companhia Ligna, which have 40% and 20% of ownership, respectively. The remaining 40% are in free float.

Duratex operates in three main business divisions – Deca, Wood and Ceramic Tiles. The Deca division focuses mainly on ceramics, metal fittings and electronic showers under the brands Deca and Hydra respectively. In terms of the Wood Division, Duratex focuses on both the production of MDP (Medium Density Particle Board) and MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board) panels, as well as laminated and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring, under the brand Durafloor. The Wood Division also encompasses Forestry segment, in which Duratex has over 150 thousand hectares of land and cultivates eucalyptus using advanced technology. The Ceramic Tiles division produces floor and wall coverings under the brand Ceusa which stands out in the national market for its attributes of innovation, quality and state-of-the-art technology.

The domestic market is responsible for most of the sales, however, Duratex exported to over 50 countries in 2018. Besides being a leader in the Brazilian market, Duratex is the largest producer of industrialized wood panels and metal bathroom fittings in the southern hemisphere.

Headquartered in São Paulo, Duratex had over 11 thousand employees in 2018, 7 forestry units and 16 industrial units located in Brazil, besides 3 industrial units in Colombia.

Net revenue in 2018 was BRL 4,949 million, net income was BRL 432 million and shareholders' equity was BRL 4.635 million. The market value of the Company year-end 2018 was BRL 8.2 billion.