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09 de outubro de 2018.

Duratex wins the 2018 Transparency Trophy

Awarded by Anefac, the trophy recognizes the clarity and objectivity of the company’s financial information disclosed to the market

Transparency and ethics are among the corporate governance premises of Duratex, which was awarded the Transparency Trophy for the third consecutive year, in the category of Companies with Net Revenues of up to R$ 5 billion.

The award, granted by the National Association of Executives of Finance, Administration and Accounting, recognizes good accounting practices of Brazilian companies, focusing on the clarity and objectivity of the disclosure of financial information to the market.

"The assessment criteria for the award becomes more rigid every year. Therefore, we revisit our processes and qualify our financial team, which is increasingly involved in the business discussions", states Henrique Haddad, Administration, Finance and Investor Relations Officer of Duratex. He adds: "This achievement is a reflection of our commitment and position as a leading company in governance and transparency."

Duratex wins the 2018 Transparency Trophy

The award, which is also known as the accounting “Oscar”, is in its 22nd edition and has recognized 24 Brazilian companies. The analyses are done by professionals with master’s and PhD degrees from the Economics and Administration College of the São Paulo University and shared with a Judging Committee for an even more rigorous assessment. Over 2,000 financial statements of Brazilian companies were analyzed.