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07 de dezembro de 2018.

Garagem Duratex accelerates seven scaleup companies in partnership with Endeavor

By April 2019, innovative companies selected by the program will be mentored by Endeavor and get the chance to interact with Duratex’s leadership

Aiming to foster innovation and a creative culture within the company, Duratex teamed up with Endeavor, a global organization that promotes entrepreneurship, to set up partnerships with companies that boast high growth potential, the so-called startups.

“Everyone wins with the exchange of ideas, which can add value to what we do,” says Bruno Antonaccio, head of innovation. The Garagem Duratex program selected seven companies, out of hundreds of applicants, which innovate with building and renovation solutions, operational efficiency, and creating digital platforms. Learn more about these new partnerships.

AH!SIM offers full home renovation & decoration packages. “Duratex is the market benchmark and the company’s excellence culture resonates with us,” states Márcio Gionco, the company’s partner. He believes Duratex’s portfolio and AH!SIM’s services complement each other, and the partnership can benefit both. “Together, we’ll decide how to develop our partnership.”

Garagem Duratex accelerates seven scaleup companies in partnership with Endeavor

The Decorati website connects homeowners to everything they need for a renovation, including design, building supplies, service providers, and furniture. Most products involved in this process can be found in Duratex’s portfolio. For this reason, Rafael Pais, one of the company’s partner, believes there’s great potential for a joint venture. “It’s good to see a great company investing in innovation and opening doors to work with startups.”

Gabster provides software that enables small and medium furniture manufactures to improve their efficiency and competitiveness. “We’ve managed to reduce the cost and time gap between having an idea and actually launching a product in the market,” says Cleandro Nilson, the company’s founder. Duratex is also present at carpentry shops with its MDF and MDP boards, which creates important partnership opportunities. “We hope to implement several projects that have been waiting for a better scenario to be greenlit.”

Hekima is specialized in data processing and artificial intelligence to help big companies generate data to improve the decision-making process. “It’s great to have the chance to test our solutions in a company like Duratex, and in an industry we have never served,” states Márcia Asano, the scaleup company’s president. She points out that Duratex really wants to change, “and not only ride the innovation wave.”

Monkey has already attracted some big companies to its platform, which enables these companies’ suppliers to view receivables and get cost-effective offers for them from potential investors. Still, as the company’s partner Bernardo Valem explains, Garagem Duratex is a unique opportunity. “Dealing with a company like Duratex, focused on developing solutions, should help us consolidate our business model much faster.”

Taqe has developed a game-like app, with classes and quizzes on several subjects. The purpose, according to director Ana Correa, is to qualify and recommend young professionals who are starting their careers to the job market. “We want to improve the quality and efficiency of recruitment for companies and applicants alike.”

Veromobili is an online furniture store that offers unique design and pieces that customers can easily assemble themselves at home. “A learning experience, filled with innovation and mutual benefits,” is what entrepreneur Leandro Marcato expects from Garagem Duratex. “With Duratex, we’ll find ways to develop new products and boost our growth,” he says.