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Aware of the impact our activities have on society, we make a point of acting in a way to generate even more shared value.

For this purpose, we revisited our Business Model and performed mapping of the most important supplies to our operation, in order to verify in which way we could optimize our value generation, in medium and long term, for all publics whom we interact with, as of our activities, products and services.

This is how a new version of our Business Model was born, which evaluates all the value chain and defines how the divisions Deca and Madeira, as unities spread all over Brazil, should act to generate value for our relationship public, in an way integrated to our strategy, Purpose and considering the six capitals proposed by IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council). They are:

  • Natural Capital;
  • Human Capital;
  • Social and Relationship Capital;
  • Manufactured Capital;
  • Intellectual Capital;
  • Financial Capital.

See our Business Model bellow.