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Aiming at add continuity and shared value to the businesses, we maintain a solid governance structure, which offers support to the implementation of our Strategic Planning, always aligned to the mitigation of risks, market opportunities and continuous improvement of our social-environmental performance.

It is part of this structure a Sustainability Committee composed of Administration Council members and headed by an independent member. The group, which promotes periodic meetings and discussions during the year, acts to assist the company's top management, in order to help with the identification of market demands and to contribute to the improvement of management and integration of the theme of our businesses.

All challenges and opportunities mapped by the Sustainability Committee are taken to the Administration Council, which monthly convenes to discuss topics directly related to our businesses. 11 members of experience and qualification renowned by the market and who do not hold any executive position or function in our company forms the council. Currently, three of them are independent.

Check, on the side, our complete governance structure. The model vests us in competitive differential in the market, strengthen our place in the portfolio Novo Mercado ("New Market") of BM&FBovespa, which gathers the companies with the most modern and rigid governance corporate practices in Brazil.

To know the members who are part of our Administration Council and Board, access our website for Relationship with Investors.

Governance Structure