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Always concerned about reducing the impacts we cause in the regions where we are installed, in order to strengthen our shared value generation, we monitor our performance with respect to five environmental aspects, since 2004: Water, Effluents, Emissions, Energy and Residues.

The report of this indicators is made quarterly to the market, together with the release of our financial results.

In order to involve all our collaborators in the continuous optimization process of our environmental efficiency, we have also defined goals for each one of these indicators, aiming at the reduction of usage of natural resources, supplies and energy in our operations. These goals are registered in our Sustainability Strategy.

The practice is part of SGA, company's Environmental Management System, which has ISO 14001 certification and a System SAP modules to ensure the standardization and centralization of the environmental data of all our industrial and forest unities in an unique management system, reinforcing our transparency and facilitating the report of our environmental performance on the Annual Report and market indexes.

Check our last three years of company's actuation indicators.

*Number of accidents with time off for every 1 million man-hours of risk exposure