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    We promote the development of our employees, customers, consumers and local communities

Delivering added value products to society, which contribute to the well-being and improvement of people's quality of life is our commitment. Therefore, we constantly invest in reducing the environmental impacts of our production processes and increasing the useful life of our products, so that sustainability and innovation are attributes that are increasingly present in our brands and recognized by our clients and consumers - which are much diversified.

In the Madeira division, we serve industries from the furniture, civil construction and retail sectors. In the Deca division, we have a large customers base, ranging from home centers to small construction materials retailers, through construction companies, hotels and shopping malls, among other markets.

In addition, we have a wide range of influencers, such as architects, carpenters and hydraulic installers, who work directly with our products and have the important role of enhancing the quality, sustainability and innovation attributes of our brands to end consumers.


The loyalty of each of these audiences is part of our performance strategy. For this purpose, we constantly invest in actions and relationship channels, such as the Deca Design Space, located in the city of São Paulo, which presents to the public the news and launches of our portfolio and technically advises architects and clients in the development of their projects.

We also constantly promote sales promotion campaigns to support small and medium retailers and stores, and offer free courses and training in our industrial units for joinery and hydraulic installers, so that they can use our products in their professional daily with excellence.


In order to measure the satisfaction rate of each of our customers in relation to our products and services, we conduct annual research on the subject, conducted by an external and independent entity. The results are deeply analyzed and used in the improvement of our processes and strategies, in order to keep our customers and consumers more loyal.

In addition, seeking to be more and more agile in identifying the needs of our public, we are continually advancing the use of market intelligence tools that enable us to monitor the evolution of our customers' sales to final consumers and anticipate market trends.


With the popularization of digital communication tools, interaction with customers and consumers is becoming more agile and dynamic. Therefore, we seek to act even more closely to these audiences, being able to offer innovative solutions, not only with products, but also with services that meet their needs. We believe that by anticipating demands and creating solutions in a collaborative and collective manner, we will increase people's well-being and the recognition of our innovation and sustainability attributes.


Our targets to the topic Customers and Consumers Engagement up to the year 2025 are:

Target Status In 2017
To develop 50% of the product portfolio using the co-creation model

We established criteria to classify products resulting from co-creation and started monitoring this indicator in 2018

For 90% of carpenters, installers and electricians to be trained and/or qualified

Hydra moved forward with training, reaching 36.6% of electricians. In Wood, we reached 15,000 carpenters and specifiers through training and workshops

To be the preferred brand of 60% of carpenters

Surveys will be done in each specific market for assessment and to take a preliminary measurement

To be the preferred brand of 70% of plumbers

Surveys will be done in each specific market for assessment and to take a preliminary measurement

To be the preferred brand of 70% of electricians

Surveys will be done in each specific market for assessment and to take a preliminary measurement

For 20% of revenue from Wood Authorized Technical Assistance Posts to come from our services

In 2017, actions were planned for the first half of 2018

To be recognized by 90% of consumers in Brazil for the attributes of sustainability and innovation

We engaged commercial and marketing area employees through workshops and outlined the work plan for 2018

To be recognized by 50% of foreign market customers for the attributes of sustainability and innovation

Work has been planned and will start in 2018