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    We promote the development of our collaborators, clients, consumers and local communities

We have 11,000 collaborators who act in the operational, administrative and company sales areas, always focused on the clients' satisfaction and engaged with the excellence in our products and services.

We believe that collaborators who feel accomplished, develop themselves personally and professionally, raising their engagement levels and commitment to the company's values and organizational culture.

For this reason, we consider our collaborator our major attraction and act in different fronts to provide a safe and motivating work environment to everyone, so we can accomplish together our strategy goals and reduce the risk of accidents in our operations.


We maintain the GIP (Integrated Management of People), a system that aims to encourage and offer growth opportunities within the company to our employees using different tools and processes.

Among them, we annually promote a competency assessment, in which eligible employees take an x-ray of their performance and are evaluated subsequently by their managers. The process culminates in a feedback meeting, which aims to build an individual career development plan, done together, between the leader and the leader.


We believe that promoting diversity in our work environments boosts our ability to innovate and find solutions that improve the quality of life and well-being of our different customers and consumers.

Therefore, among other initiatives, we have maintained since 2012 ParaTodos, a program that aims to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in different areas of our company, including leadership positions. In the hiring process of new employees, we also make it a point to prioritize the women and disabled people selected after choosing the candidates who fulfill all vacancy requirements in order to increase the diversity of our company.

Aiming at strengthening gender equality in the company, in 2016 we also became the first company in the Construction Materials sector to be a signatory of the Women's Movement 360, an initiative supported by the UN Women and brings together leaders from companies throughout the country willing to disseminate diversity and increase female participation in the Brazilian labor market.


In order to offer our employees a work environment in which we have well-being and safety, we have maintained, since 2014, the DuraSeg Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

The initiative aims at Zero Accidents goal in the company and, therefore, promotes a series of actions that aim to encourage dialogue between leaders and subordinates and increase the awareness of our employees about the importance of safety culture and risk observation.


We believe that as important as having sustainability integrated with our business strategy is to have professionals who are aligned with the theme. For this purpose, we maintain the Sustainability Education Program, a training that aims to empower our 11,000 employees to the subject.

The program's dialogue meetings are taught by trained multipliers from each unit, who talk to participants on topics such as Energy, Water, Climate Change, Human Rights and Ethics, showing their importance and impacts in the world, in Brazil and personal and professional in everyday life of our employees, aiming at sediment the culture of sustainability within our company.


The investments we make to provide a safe and motivating work environment to our employees contribute to increase the engagement of our Forest Management and to achieve the objectives set out therein. We believe that we can increasingly improve our practices to encourage dialogue, cooperation and the exchange of ideas among all our teams, valuing our human capital.


Our targets to the topic Working Conditions and Employee Development up to the year 2025 are:

Target Status In 2017
To have attendance rate with time off equal to or less than 1 for company and third-party employees

We had 41% more number of accidents with time off in relation to 2016. Unfortunately, there was a fatal accident at the Botucatu (SP) unit in 2017

To have a rate of adhesion to the new culture equal to or more than 85%

Based on an assessment of competencies done in 2017, advancements will be planned for the coming years, with the goal of achieving the estimated result in 2020

To be among the best companies to work for by 2020

We received the GPTW certification seal in 2017 and took part in the survey once again in 2018

For 80% of leaders to be recognized for honest and open dialog and for personnel development

With the results of the competencies assessment in 2017 and the GPTW Survey, action plans will be established to make progress in this indicator

To have 70% of jobs filled through internal transfers

Internal placement targets will be defined using a review of our selection process, dissemination of the Way of Being and Doing and evaluation of adherence to the new culture