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    We continually improve our operations aiming at the socio-environmental balance throughout the value chain

Just as important as having a business model aligned with sustainability is to know that our supply chain also conforms to these goals and aspirations so that we can develop and generate value together.

Our suppliers play a significant role in representing our brand. Therefore, we strive to maintain a close relationship with all our partners in order to generate shared value for our business.


We have maintained since 2012 the GFD (Duratex Supplier Management) program, a structured management process that evaluates our supply chain based on socio-environmental, economic and quality criteria, so that there is synergy of suppliers with the Purpose of Duratex.

Evaluations are conducted annually with the support of independent and expert consulting and aim to engage and develop our partners to best market practices so we can mitigate our value chain risks and further stimulate increasingly ethical and responsible businesses.


We also periodically promote workshops with interested suppliers to discuss sustainability issues in business. In the conversation, we debate the benefits and challenges of a performance based on social and environmental responsibility and ethics and map the topics that are considered strategic, so that we can prioritize them in possible competitions.


The fight against child labor, forced or analogous to slavery in the value chain is one of our concerns. That is why we sponsored Childhood Brazil's Na Mão Certa program, which aims to eradicate abuse and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on the country's highways. Periodically, we promote awareness actions about the issue with our suppliers' truck drivers, so that they can act as enforcement agents on the roads.


The continuity and sustainability of our business depends on a responsible supply chain that shares our values and commitments. The incorporation of socio-environmental criteria in the contracting processes contributes to our better performance and mitigation of risks in our businesses.

At the same time, it encourages companies with whom we have partnership to adopt good management practices and multiply the benefits of responsible and ethical business.


Our targets to the topic Sustainable Supply Chain up to the year 2025 are:

Target Status In 2017
For 80% of strategic suppliers to have a performance rate of greater than or equal to 8 in the Duratex Supplier Management Program

In 2017, 27% of strategic suppliers had a performance rate of equal to or greater than 8

For 100% of strategic purchases to consider social and environmental criteria

Our procurement system was revised in 2017 and we developed a risk matrix for 39 supply categories

For 100% of critical suppliers to be assessed up to the 2nd level of the supply chain

There is an ongoing plan to assess 2nd level suppliers in our chain